MTB Snake

A collection of moments, experiences and images as a result of years of biking. A global epic search for

the science of ........the biking flow

  The future will be more in control ....

      from now on riding with a           

       ....... dropper  seat post              

A way of living

As a Bike Ambassador and AllweatherBiker I try to get people on the bike and let them enjoy biking.





Every day I ride to work on a bike, summer and winter independent of the weather a distance of 41 miles (66 km) .


In my leisure time i get on my mountainbike and ride for fun technical trails and marathons.


When I'm in the mood I put a chip on my mountainbike, put on the snake-shirt and compete with other bikers on the longest distances.

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Latest upgrade on the mtb bike :

New Dropper Seatpost :

Fox Transfer Performance

Next serious mtb ride


Yet to come.

Recent serious mtb ride  :

MTB Drenthe 200  at 28-december 2018

A lot of  mtb training rides up to 160 km

MTB  Bartje 200 Km at 17-june.


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Personal quote

Stop futher reading and get on your bike and enjoy nature.

Keep the planet clean.

There's nothing on your bike you can't fix yourself.

If it it ain't broken, don't try to fix it.

Go your own way, let experience enrich your bikelife.

Always keep safety in mind, wear a helmet every time you go for a spin.

" There are always new limits to cross "