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BBC 2005

The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge 

Start- en finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

80 km.

One challenge we gladly enter into "The Bart Brentjens Challenge" . We will, of course, go for the maximum distance of 80 km.

The days before it has rained a lot, the track is very wet. During the race itself is dry.

Every mile there was someone at the side of the road with a flat tire or another misfortune. I also gave a Sclaverand tube away to a German who  did not had the  the dunlop band with him ( at the start provided by Trade Organisation).

Climbing goes well I could even overtake humans, but the slopes were very slippery, so calm down and taking no risks. One of the descents will never subsequently integrated in the track because of the many large stones, many people have fallen and hurt himself quite have. I found the beautiful descent.

After 60 km more time trying to make it succeed. Satisfied I come across the finish line with a bike that has never been so dirty.

The next day the rear tire blank, there protrudes a thorn out and there is a defect in the rear wheel spokes, and now I know I've had good luck yesterday.

All in all a great experience. 

The time is 04:33 h with an average of  17.5 km/h around place 129 of in total 426 bikers