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BBC 2006

The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge 

Start- en finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

105 km.

The second time, but the trail is now vice versa, so a new challenge. It was a wonderful trip with sunny and dry weather. In the Belgian border region, we stopped by the road and horses.

When can I Teuven by on my handlebars to move away to avoid a fall, cause that pastors to slow down, one of the most difficult descents way.

When the board, another 10km appears, I think "Hey we're here already

I had to say after the Keutenberg gas at all since I have to give some overheb to the finish.

Food eaten:

3 bottle energy, 1 sugar waffle, 1 banana, 2 energy bars


Temperature to 19 degrees Celsius.

The time is 04:59 h with an average of  21.0 km/h around place 61 of in total 355 bikers