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BBC 2008

The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge 

Start- en finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

100 km.

The time is 04:49 h with an average of  21.3 km/h around place 98 of in total 768 bikers

The ride

I start in the second group with beautiful weather. I'm conservative start because I feel some cold symptoms in the lungs. Little congestion but many riders with flat tires. The climbing is me well, better than average drivers. The descent is also fine but at a T-junction can I just by strongly inhibiting the bike right direction sent, left, wonderful for the adrenaline level.

In Heijenrath I feel that someone at my rear and collides with studded tires is not that nice. I hear him behind me cursing fall.

At the second stop I let my squeaky chain lubrication. Yet too little pre-lubricated.

The final piece firmly drove but with reserve. yet another wonderful trip but

sorry that I could not fully go through slight cold.

Food eaten:

2 - bottles, 2-sugar waffles, 2 energy bars, 2 bananas

Temperature to 17 degrees Celsius