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BBC 2009

The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge 

Start- en finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

105 km.

I succeeds again to start in the first starting area. After the start the velocity is high with 40 km/h. I choose to  go with it and see how it goes.

In some mud in the Voerstreek I make a slip, fall and bump my knee again open bleeding. After a few minutes the bleeding stops, the wound is not so deep luckily.

From the beginning a lot of chain suck on the smallest front chainring. And also the top three rear gears can no longer be used due to all the mud. After some splash water near Gulpen everything runs a bit smoother. 

Karin makes at the Keutenberg a beautiful picture.

The course is tough yet again this year, but the dirt descents Gulpen Bemelen with 55 km/h give a lot  joy. Sometimes it was good that you couldn't see anything through the mud on the glasses. Later the glasses go off , due to the rain.

The last 20 km with is with headwind and I push up the velocity. We are now going to overtake more exhausted riders. There is a lot of water  the roads, sometimes up to 500 meters long and can not be fooled.

I come along side many riders staying with punctures and cramaps, mostly at the beginning of the climbs. The last half hour it rains and due to the wind the legs get somewhat cold. More a reason to work even harder to get the legs spinning faster and keep warm.

I can still sprint to the finish line.

The time is 04:49 h with an average of  21.3 km/h around place 100 of in total 738 bikers