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BBC 2011

The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge 

Start- en finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

105 km of mud.

My seventh BBC

As we drove into Eijsden on as sunny sundaymorning, we encounterred a traffic jam,

luckely we could park on the dry-site off the street.

Parked, get packed and on the bike to the centre of town, halfway back to get the forgotten pump.

As i waited in the startlane, we heared the familiar voice of a lady, get back 100 meters she yelled,so we drove back 10 meters.

While i was wating, just a bit cold, i noticed that there weren't as many bikers as i aspected,

later i heard that all the bikers after me were held before the corner.

I managed again to start in the first group of tourbikers, so i had no complaint about bikerjams.

A bit cold of waiting i started at 10:10 hour.

After a little mud in the Belgian area Voerstreek, we had to walk the well known rocky climb,

the rest was fast and dry.

Climbing and downhill went great, at Teuven we also walk halfway, climbing two fallen trees.

and then great downhill rides.

First supply-stop for a bidon fill and a sugarcake.

Now to Gulpen for fast up-and downhill ride, not as difficult as it looked.

Up the Keutenberg without getting off the bike, slipping and sliding around

the well known 180 corner on loose rocks underground, Yes.

Second supply-stop for another bidon fill, two cups and a banana.


From now on i'm going to make speed as planned, up the Bemelerberg at asphalt

meanwhile talking to a passing racebiker.

I noticed i have something on reserve, at Cadier en Keer i passed a bunch of people

at a nice speed , even had to bake ones at the climb.

Also i had to brake for a barrier going the wrong site of a tree,

happened to Fons Moors also i saw later in his movies.

Third supply-stop i passed biking, just missing picking up a sugarcake on the ride,

i didn't need it anyway.

The last few miles i rode in the slipstream of an Belgian competition biker at a nice speed.

After the finish you had to wait long before you could deliver your chip and steeringboard,

not well for the legs.

A nice track, fast and great downhill rides , 100KM , 04:27 hour, average : 22.4 km/h.

No material brakedown, started with a new Nobby Nic at the front and an old Racing Ralph at the back,

also with new rear brakepads.

Afternoon 16 degrees Sun, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve T-shirt, Snake-shirt and short trousers.

Food, 4 x Bidon , 2 x Cups , 2 x energybars , 1 x banana , 1x sugarcake.

The time is 05:13 h with an average of  20.1 km/h around place 77 of in total 477 bikers