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BBC 2012

The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge

Start- en finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

105 km of mud.

Sunday 14 october 

A cold begin with 5 degrees at the start. Again I manage to start in the first group with the tire against the fence. It will be a rough ride in the mud because yesterday there was some heavy rain. After a few miles I have already got wet socks from the flooded trails, means the whole ride cold feet, the challenge begins.

The first crashed bikers and ambulances i encounter a few miles later, looks not good. Staying on the bike is the motto today.

Biking goes effective and the power is there. Skipping the first service post. At the second servicepost I take short stop for a cake. The powerdrink in the bidons are cold and only together with some cake I manage to drink enough. By the time i get to the 32 miles sign I feel allready tired, but I now my experience and good condition will not let me down to maintain and even increase the speed at the second section. At the third servicepost I have to stop to fill one bidon, I also take a banana.

Now it's time to increase the speed. The human condition is good. I have choosen to ride without my glasses on. The whole race i have to cope with sand in the eyes and with contactlenses this is not nice. Sometimes the visibility was almost zero. After the race the eyes are burning the whole evening, leaking moisture.

No chainsuck this race, the new derraileur works great. Only the mud in the front derrailleur let me stop one time to get the chain on the smalllest frontwheel . The new coolstop v-brake pads are working  also great no sound at all.

Finishing  on a  37th place  in a time of 04:58 h. A pretty good result.