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Tour :  ATB Fire-brigade


Start & finish : Veendam Fire station 

50 km of mud.

Sunday 2 december 2012

This morning with only 2 degrees , on the MTB for a 50 km mud ride in my hometown, Riding with a collegue. The last 500 meters he has to ride with half force , because his peddle has fallen off. In the beginning there is some sun and at the end we get some light rain. Just a nice muddy ride, training slippery slide.

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Competition: The longest Beach Marathon in the world

Hoek van Holland - Den Helder

Start : Hoek van holland , finish : Den Helder

130 km of sand and salt.

Sunday 4 november 2012

Cold, scratching car windows, but no rain, wind SE 4, expected Z 6-7. Dull start ribbon on stand, little pouha. After starting 09:00 is a long ribbon of over 800 bikers, pretty face. The first 30 km is much wet sand so heavy bikes, some pieces are not cycling so walking through soft sand, the legs are already tired and we have 100 km to go.

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Competition : The greatest mtb marathon in the Benelux

Bart Brentjens Challenge

Start- and finish : Vroenhof at Eijsden (Limburg)

105 km of mud with 1800 Hm.

Sunday 14 october 2012

A cold begin with 5 degrees at the start. Again I manage to start in the first group with the tire against the fence. It will be a rough ride in the mud because yesterday there was some heavy rain. After a few miles I have already got wet socks from the flooded trails, means the whole ride cold feet, the challenge begins. The first crashed bikers and ambulances i encounter a few miles later, looks not good. 

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Tour: The Road4Energy

Groesbeek Gruesome

Start- and finish : Groesbeek

90 km of dry trails with 1300 Hm.

Sunday 23 september 2012

Biking for a good case in Groesbeek  Metabolic disease , Road4Energy

A nice Tour with dry weather, a lot of short steep climbs, many long decents and some sand dust. Good organisation with two feeding stop, shower and pasty afterwards.ervaren!

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Tour: also through Germany

Hel of Wageningen

Jan Jansen Classic - MTB

Start- and finish : Wageningen

90 km of dry trails with 1300 Hm.

Sunday 23 september 2012

Starting at 09:45 h and finish at 14:45 h makes a riding time of 05:00 hour.

With a temperature of 18 degrees and some sunshine it's a very nice ride.

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Competition :Funclass

Noordelijke ATB-Trophy

Start- and finish : Norg

60 minutes of sand, short heights and sharp corners .

Sunday  1 april 2012

Just a fun competition ride.

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