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Norg 2012


Noordelijke ATB-Trophy    Start - en Finish : Norg

60 minutes of sand, short heights and sharp corners.

Sunday 1  april

Leaving late from home and not having signed up in front, so a race against the clock to be in time at the start . I make it with one minute of slack before the funclass starts.

I have to start at the end of the 97 men field due to my startnumber 121. The duration of the race is 60 minutes.

The sandy trail is small with lot of sharp corners so overtaking is very hard, but I manage to finish at place 52. There are 19 biker that Did-Not-Finish , so i have overtaken 26 bikers.

I had fun and i can be satisfied with the result.

It's good to compete with other bikers sometimes.

The last competition with the 'old'  Manitou front suspension fork.