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Oosterhesselen 2013

Tour : AB Oost asbestsanerings ATB-tocht


Start- and finish : Oosterheselen

70 km of dusty sandroads.

Sunday 5 May 

At 07:00h the alarm is ringing.

08:00 h Bike in the car and drive fourty miles. 09:10 h Start of a nice tour ride on the MTB at Oosterhesselen, AB Oost Asbestsanerings ATB tocht.

I make it a hard trainingsride by biking high speed just from the beginning. A lot of sandy roads, so a dusty ride with bright sunshine and nice temperature. We ride along farmlands and through woods , heathers and along small lakes, but no real hights to fight against. Just one small artificial hill to climb. The route is set-out with red/white ribbons and black arrows on red paper, no complains about this. Even with high speed you don t miss a thing.

12:20 h finish. The new self spoked rear-rim has got a lot of knocks from roots and holes. It doesn't give an inch. So a good job done by the mechanic, ......hey that's me.