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Spijkerboor  2013

Tour : Self organized MTB tour 


Start- and finish : Spijkerboor

50 km of rain.

Sunday 8 sept 

After two month of dry weather now the prediction for today is lots of rain. Bad luck at my first self organised MTB tour.

Sunday morning at half past nine we sit at the cafe behind a cup of coffee wating for how many people to show up. There is a 24-hour dart-contest going on at the cafe, so a pretty relaxed atmosphere for a sunday morning.

The rain is pouring out. Two people allready called to cancel but two people show up without pre-notice so the ride goes on !

A tour of 50-km with two catering points.

With five people the first self organised MTB Tour is on, we start at 10:00 O'clock in very rainy conditions. First we bike along wet farmfields and encounter our first flat. Then through some woods section and deep holes of water. After another two flats it is time to repair an outer-tire, just enough to get a participant to the first catering post, he will be brought back to the starting point by car. 

So we leave one man behind. The ride goes on with four people and half way the ride a pale sunshine occurs and the rain is getting less. A sheperd with a lot of sheeps

in the moor is a nice site, and with no further breakdowns we arrive at the second catering point. Biking through some forrest we are back at the starting point at 14:00 hour with a satisfied feeling. The organisation was perfect, this is not the last tour we have organised.