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Borgerswold Classic 2016


Borgerswold classic 2e

Start- and finish : Veendam

50 km .

Sunday  23-Oktober

The "Open Groningse kampioenschap atb" Borgerswolds Classic in my backyard.

Although there is some light rain falling in the morning, the start at 13:00 hour is dry with a temperature about 10 degrees. Starting with about 60 bikers in one block.The first mile after the start the speed is high. I try to get in the front but around place 30 heading in the first single trail is not what I wanted, There are lot of single tracks so overtaking is difficult.

So I have to trust on my marathon condition to get around some people later in the race.

The old garbage dump is always heavy, but a joy to ride. Steep up and fast down on the wet grass. With tubeless tires and pressure 1.6 in front and 1.8 in the  rear the tires have lot of grip and I can let the bike flow  down without braking.

Having a fair fight during the last round with another biker make the race even more  joyfull.

I don't let him pass me in the last round.

Due to my good condition, I have always have some power left over.

I finish well in front of him at place 21 .

The first 15 place get some Price money.

So again no price for me, there's no masters 50+ class, but sure  when it was there, I had the lead.