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MTB Drenthe 200

Biking in the dark  preparation: 

Prepared the bike for biking in the dark


Mounted 2  headlights :

- Light  & Motion Urban 900

max 900 lumen

with a runtime for 3 h on 450 lumen. 

- Lezyne Hecto Drive 440XL

max 400 lumen

with a runtime for 4 h on 75 lumen.  ( for backup )

Helmet light :

- Olight Baton SR1

max 500 lumen

with a runtime of 6 h  on 80 lumen.

Power banks (2) 

Mounted with ducktape on the frame to charge the   Urban headlight during the day.

Rear light :

- BBB highlaser

All in all more than enough for the dark

in practice.

Drenthe 200 2018


Drenthe 200 2018 

Start- and finish : Roden

200 km .

Friday 28-dec

An extreme mtb-marathon over 125 miles in the winter .

Starting in the dark and probably also finishing in the dark.

Start in Roden at 06:10 h in the morning

with lot of lights around me.

The first 40 miles a string of lights flow  through the farmlands, a beautifull sight. Just a small front light is necessary, because there's always someone behind you with a big light .

After 40 miles I'm still fresh. The foodpoint are good and with some hot boullion, a cake and a filled bottle the ride  we can continue. There are 5 food point.

The weather is fine with 5 degrees, hardly no wind and dry. The trails are also excellent with lots of variety and a outstanding routed.

After 100 miles there are warm pancakes (very nice) and after that,  I push up the speed to the finish, and manage to overtake more exhausted riders.

At the long straight ends we ride in a group turn-over-turn with also a fat-biker, the tires grumble. But after my second turn it slowly becomes quiet behind me. The group is not able to keep up with my medium velocity. A sign for me that my shape is good and also a reason to pump up the speed to a higher velocity for the last miles.

A sprint at the finishline (which I loose) with another biker is the icing on the cake.

At exactly 16:00 h after 125 miles I finish , it's still light.

With a time of 09:49 h  I am very satisfied and build a new experience !