Apex Reliq 29

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Apex Reliq review

Apex Reliq Carbon 29 Fully 2015

Apex is a Dutch brand, making road offroad and cross bikes.

The tested model Reliq is an offroad 29"  bike with full suspension 100mm.

The first thing you notice when you ride the somewhat small handlebar.

With a width of 64 cm it's smaller than most today standard bikes.

It's not a bike than feels good right from the first moment you step on it.

There's a few miles needed to get use to the bikes behaviour. Now and then you hit the ground with the pedals due to the low bottom bracket hight.

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When you get used to the bikes muzzys, it feels light footed and is really going fast.

Never out of control but never real comfortable, looks like the bike is more build for race than for marathon.

The bike is nice finished.