MTB Snake

A collection of moments, experiences and images as a result of years of biking. A global epic search for

the science of ........the biking flow

About the Material

the Bikes

There are several bikes i am using.

A race bike for the daily speed ride to work in the summer,

A trekking bike for the daily rough rides to work in the winter,

A singlespeed for a cool ride on warm summer evenings and

A mountainbike for the fun, marathon and competition rides all year.

The mountainbike is my fun and competition bike, so it is refined with the finest parts. 

The racer gets the least attention because it is alway used in dry conditions, less wear.

The trekking is the bike with the most replaced parts, it's only used in rough winter conditions.   

Bike history

From steel across aluminum to carbon

I the beginning I rode with  minimal resource so on an old race bike without any mudguards. Latheron I noticed that a steel frame wasn't  perfect for the Dutch salty winters. A lot of maintenance was needed The race bike lasted just two years. Rust had eaten the bracket.

For the next season. I got an old steel race bike from a friend, a Shogun year 1979.

In 2006 it was time for new winter- and summer-bikes.For the summer I bought a second hand Batavus AX-light race bike.  For the winter I bought a new Stevens Cross X4 bike with an aluminum frame. One of the cheapest but good brands bikes that time. Later that year I turned the Shogun into a single speeder.