MTB Snake

A collection of moments, experiences and images as a result of years of biking. A global epic search for

the science of ........the biking flow

The Human Power Biography

Biking to stay fit

Born in the Netherlands in 1958, in the province Groningen in a small town called Bellingwolde.

I'm married, having two sons and i'm working as an ICT-network engineer in the customers services, car related.

Biking is very common in the Netherlands so i'm doing it throughout my whole life.

In the year 2001 the biking is gone to an higher level caused by traffic-jams, low travelling-money and to get rid of the daily work-stress and to keep fit.

Biking history

From now and then biking to everyday biking.

I started more biking upon the year 2000 .

After I had saved an old mtb bike from drowning, I overrhauled it, painted it and start biking offroad.

I noticed that offroad riding was realy fun. A year later I bought a real mountain bike and start exploring the surrounding woods and fields.

In 2004 I took my old race bike, a Peugeot Record Du monde 1981, which was I my possession since I was sixteen years old,  from the loft to the street. Greased it and start biking ones a week to work for 42 miles. Slowly I did get used to the effort and raised the number of times. Within the year I had raised it to five times a week. Since then I ride almost everyday.

On the way I have build up experience in getting bikes running in all sorts of weather conditions. All the maintenance is done by myself.

 E-bike review

 From an old race bike

to an modern E-pedelec.

In 2012 I was probably one of the first to ride the new E-Bike from Specialized

the Specialized Turbo S

I was able to ride the bike for a week and as a return favor to the dealer, Egbert Egberts in Borger,  I wrote a review of the bike.

For a full size review .