MTB Snake

A collection of moments, experiences and images as a result of years of biking. A global epic search for

the science of ........the biking flow

Biking without

power-meter or

heart- rate-monitor

Always listen to your body.

The Training

The most important thing about training is always listen to your body.

The basic training is done during the week in the daily rides to work. A distance of 41 miles (66 km). In the weekend I ride through the woods in my backyard to train on the mtb Within one mile from home there is an mtb-trail of 16 miles (25 km).

For more endurance training I can ride furtheron 25 mile (40 km),  where there are more technical trails to beat. Or i can get on the race bike for a long ride on the road.

Unfortunately the hights are poor in this flatland. So to train the climbing I use the firm headwinds we have got here, biking with fast speed against it.

Limits, I am not using any heartbeat things.There are several limits you can encounter during training.

The first limit of exhaustion you can cross. Biking through this limit gets you in

the so wanted bike-flow, every thing goes easy and smooth, you can go on for hours.

The second limit of real exhaustion you have to avoid to cross. Crossing this means that you get a little desorientated and biking becomes somewhat dangerous.